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The Art of Running

Salomon has collaborated with six talented photographers from different parts of Canada to present a curated limited gallery show in
Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. You can register for the upcoming event to view the exclusive pieces on display.

  • Hamilton

  • Toronto

  • Montreal

  • Vancouver

The Art of Running Photography Gallery
Friday 6:00 PM MAY 5
Vancouver 2033 West 4th Avenue

Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention

Andre Morgan

He/Him Photographer Hamilton

André has been photographing runners for over 3 years in Toronto and Hamilton. I chose to photograph a friend, Bernard Abarquez he’s been motivating me to run from day one. Salomon’s The Art of Running Photography tour is important for us as Canadians to showcase our work in photography to the world of sports.

Graham Perry

He/Him Photographer Hamilton

Graham is a filmmaker and photographer at the intersection of art and science; knowledge and purpose. His two key objectives: creating equity within the outdoor adventure and turning science into stories.

The projects that mean the most to me are the ones that inspire change, push boundaries, and break down barriers.


Koray Salih

He/Him Photographer Toronto

Photography is something I have been drawn to since I was young, using film and learning the basics of the dark room. My interest in run photography began in 2015 when I was able to merge my love of running races and photography together.

Migz is an inspiration through the positive changes he has made in his own life and to those he has motivated through the MeVsMe movement he created. His energy is infectious and after spending a few minutes with him you will find you are humbled by his inner strength and kindness.

I want the Toronto running community to be brought to the world stage -- the inspiring people, their stories and their drive. Each person is on a journey. Talk to a runner and you will quickly realize your potential in life is larger than you think.


Alexandra Côté-Durrer

She/Her Photographer Montreal

Alex has been a freelance photographer for 9 years now. Her main canvas is adventure sports with a big passion for trail running photography. This image was inspired by a sunrise frosty morning in the Laurentians, QC. Alex wanted to capture the soft light of the morning with frost to have a little edge artistically to the image.

Salomon’s The Art of Running Photography tour is such an important and fun project to showcase the artists within the running community. Too often we showcase runners, and don’t get enough credit as the photographer, to be able to take part in these initiatives will inspire other creatives to continue to push their art.


Derek Scott

He/Him Photographer Vancouver

Derek has been photographing runners in Vancouver for the past 2 years.

About this photo: “My rockstar wife (Bri) and I hit the city for a spontaneous night run, whipping around corners, running free, and feeding off the energy of the city lights. This image represented the night perfectly: wild, full of energy and just a little crazy. I’m stoked to participate in the Art of Run gallery to offer up just another unique visual perspective of this amazing sport.”

Adam Stevens

He/Him Photographer Vancouver

Adam is a commercial photographer and filmmaker based in Vancouver, BC. He is an avid runner and is known for his work capturing athletes in their element. “I chose to photograph my mom, Sharon, running in the mountains for the first time at age 70. She embodies the quote, “those who are fearless, never grow old. ”The Art of Running tour is important because it brings purpose and depth to our work as running photographers across Canada.